🎫 OBS World Community Entrance Ticket Whitelist!

We’re happy to announce that OBS World is opening up its much-anticipated whitelist for our exclusive community entrance tickets. Here’s your chance to be among the first to secure your place in this groundbreaking metaverse and real-live experience: Join the whitelist now! 🚀

How to Get Whitelisted?

To be part of this unique opportunity:

  • Follow us on Twitter: know the latest news of our community.
  • Join our Discord: Stay updated, engage, and be a part of our thriving community.
  • Subscribe to our Newsletter: Get firsthand information, updates, and exclusive content right in your inbox.
  • Download & Create an Account: Dive right into the OBS World Metaverse by setting up your account.

Why Get Whitelisted?

By fulfilling the above steps, you will secure guaranteed access to the presale for community entrance tickets. Moreover, as a nod to our most dedicated fans, Supporter tickets will be raffled among the most active participants.

Diving Deeper: What each ticket gives you

🌟 Celebrity Community Entrance

For the stars among us.

  • VIP Invitations: Attend both motorsport & virtual events in style.
  • Voting Power: Have a say in OBSW’s critical decisions.
  • Exclusive Access: Join the Founders & Team group chat.
  • Collectibles: Get a head start with pre-sale access to new digital collectibles.
  • Incognito Avatar: Maintain your celebrity status with an avatar that can go incognito.
  • Earn: Receive royalties from all OBS digital sales.

💼 Investor Community Entrance

For the visionaries.

  • VIP Access: Guaranteed entry to both motorsport & virtual events.
  • Voting Opportunity: Influence OBS decisions.
  • Stay Connected: Engage in the Founders & Team group chat.
  • Trackday Invites: Exclusive members-only track days.
  • OBSW Tokens: Receive a package at a private sale price.
  • Digital Edge: Early bird access to new digital collectibles.
  • Royalty Rewards: Benefit from all OBS collectible sales.
  • Special Avatar: Stand out with a unique Investor Avatar.

❤️ Supporter Community Access

For the heart of our community.

  • Community Trackday: Dive into the real-world racing experience.
  • Merch Perks: Get your hands on exclusive community merchandise products.
  • Virtual Invitations: Be part of our thrilling online events.
  • Recognition: Sport the Supporter badge in the metaverse.
  • Exclusive Invites: Join events at Kremer base and with the OBS founder.
  • Close-up with Supercars: Personal presentation opportunities.
  • Learn from Pros: SIM lessons with a Pro-Driver.
  • Join the Team: An invite to the OBS SIM Racing team.
  • Personal Space: Craft your own garage in the metaverse.
  • Discounts: Enjoy 10% off in the “Partners’ circle”.

Ready to Be Part of the Future?

There’s a place for everyone in OBS World, whether you’re a celebrity, an investor, or a passionate supporter. So why wait? Secure your space, be part of our ever-evolving world, and immerse yourself in an unmatched metaverse experience.

🚀 Join the whitelist now: https://zealy.io/c/obsworldmetaverse/invite/hk0tXGUeM92GV6yOQYQfV