Revolutionizing Car Culture: OBS World’s Innovative Hybrid Car Meet

At the cutting edge of digital and automotive culture, OBS WORLD has joined forces with Nikita from Sechszylinder to host EXHIBITION VOL.2 at B’mine Dusseldorf. This event distinguished itself as the first hybrid car meet, seamlessly integrating virtual reality with real-world car exhibitions. It drew a diverse crowd, illustrating the broad appeal of cars as a form of art and the expansive potential of virtual environments.

Realizing a Vision

The concept was innovative and straightforward: merge the physical and virtual worlds to allow car lovers worldwide to connect. Using virtual reality technology, OBS WORLD and Sechszylinder brought this idea to life by creating an exact digital twin of the B’mine Dusseldorf venue within a week, showcasing their commitment and the rapid capabilities of current technology to craft compelling experiences.

OBS World Virtual Replica of the Venue

Memorable Tokens for Participants

A unique aspect of EXHIBITION VOL.2 was its commemorative tokens. Physical attendees received an exclusive sticker designed by Nikita Karagozov, whereas virtual participants were awarded a special NFT, symbolizing both their attendance and a valuable digital collectible. All attendees will be informed via email when their NFTs are available for collection, blending the physical and digital aspects of the event.

EXHIBITION VOL.2: A Hybrid Affair

More than just an event, EXHIBITION VOL.2 celebrated the fusion of automotive culture and artistic innovation. Attendees experienced the venue’s metaverse replica through VR headsets, navigating between real and virtual car displays and art installations, an encounter enhancing the traditional boundaries of car shows.

Widespread Appeal and Global Reach

The presence of car culture celebrities like Jan-Erik Slooten and Olaf Manthey added prestige and excitement, reflecting the impressive realism and innovative nature of the VR setup. Their participation, along with a global audience, emphasized the event’s wide appeal and the inclusive future of car culture in a digital era.

One of the standout achievements of EXHIBITION VOL.2 was its ability to unite car enthusiasts from around the world. Whether participants were there in person or joining virtually, they were part of a pioneering group experiencing the future of automotive gatherings. This global participation underscores the event’s universal appeal and the inclusive nature of car culture in the digital age.

A Collaborative Endeavor of Passion and Innovation

The partnership between OBS WORLD, Nikita — Sechszylinder, and B’mine Dusseldorf is a prime example of how brands and artists can push the boundaries of traditional formats. This event was not only about displaying vehicles and art but also about pioneering new ways to monetize and share creative passions.

A New Benchmark for Automotive Gatherings and Digital Integration

EXHIBITION VOL.2 has redefined automotive events, showing that car culture can transcend physical spaces by embracing digital realities. This melding of worlds by OBS WORLD and its collaborators has paved the way for new forms of interaction, discovery, and collective creativity, proving the transformative impact of technology on shared passions.

The triumph of EXHIBITION VOL.2 marks a pivotal evolution in car culture, illustrating the endless possibilities of combining digital and physical realms. Looking forward, such hybrid events are set to become the norm, revolutionizing our approach to celebrating and engaging with what we love. Special thanks to Bmine Dusseldorf for hosting, and to Nikita Karagozov, for driving this visionary project.