The 400 Miles of California: High Drama in the OBS Endurance Cup Powered by HundredForce

The sunlit streets of Long Beach set the stage for an unforgettable round in the OBS Endurance Cup powered by HundredForce. But the drama began even before the green flag dropped, with the polesitting Mivano Simracing Team grinding to a halt in the final turn, leading to a dramatic start abort.In case you missed the last race, watch here:

Once the race restarted, it was a rollercoaster of emotions. Early in the race, championship leaders Puresims spun out, dropping to the back of the pack. A traffic snarl at the hairpin added to the chaos, forcing teams like Mivano and Race Onion into pit stops for repairs.

The Battle Heats Up in LMP3 and GT3

In the LMP3 class, SRB Motorsport initially took the lead, but penalties and damage derailed their campaign. The GT3 class saw a fierce four-way fight, with Altus Esports, Tuta Motorsport, 10/10ths, and Valkyrie Competition all in contention. However, various incidents shuffled the pack, leaving 10/10ths with a damaged front end but still in the race.

The last hour of the race was a showdown between Puresims Esports, OBS World by SIMMSA, and Altus Esports. Tragedy struck OBS World with terminal damage, and Altus Esports got caught in a major crash, paving the way for Puresims to take a well-deserved victory. Amidst the melee, the Yellow Submarine Squad emerged as the LMP3 winner, while a team of Vilnius TECH students outmaneuvered their rivals in GT3, securing an impressive victory.

Next Challenge: The Dunes of Zandvoort

As the dust settles on the thrilling 400 Miles of California, the OBS Endurance Cup powered by HundredForce now looks towards its next challenge — the iconic Zandvoort circuit. Get ready for another exhilarating race where strategy, speed, and endurance will be the keys to victory. Join the stream next Saturday, December 8 at

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